Bachelorette PartyDrink & Alcohol Reccomendations

A Bachelorette party is a celebration commemorating a woman's departure from the life of dating, being single and generally wondering about your future, to a new destination that involves a new commitment and most of all, family! This experience is one that our society has come to know as a night of controlled debauchery, like safely imploding an old Las Vegas casino before a new one is built in its spot! It's about letting go, having fun and most of all celebrating what's to come!

Throughout all of this there is usually one thing that is common among every women's bachelorette party, drinks! You know what kind of drinks I am talking about, and in Las Vegas this is one commodity that isn't cheap! But we here at David Saxe productions have you covered with the ultimate solution, with The V card , you get V.I.P. admission COVERED, so that means you save more when it comes to drinks! Check out some of these awesome drinks you can recommend to your bartender!


For the martini lover in you why not consider one of the classic flavored favorites?

  • Apple Martini

    A Las Vegas classic, this flavored martini will give you a fruity kick that could be considered "dangerous."

  • Chocolate Martini

    A step away from the usual flavors, a chocolatey, smooth texture lends itself to this famous dessert cocktail.

  • Kamikaze

    A flavorful drink backed with Southern Comfort, if you order this just hold on for the ride.

Tropical Drinks

While these don't necessarily fall under any category, these are classic drinks that are as famous as Vegas itself!

  • Fuzzy Navel

    This classic throwback has been a favorite for as long as we can remember. A simple combo of peach schnapps and orange juice will give you a fuzzy navel, though hopefully not literally.

  • Rob Roy

    A little heavier than the previous , this one is backed with scotch whiskey which you will not be able to ignore. With a smooth caramel flavor in the background, this drink has classy written all over it!

  • Mint Julep

    A classy favorite among the attendees of the Kentucky Derby, this unique mix has Bourbon in a chilled cup, with mint sprigs and a sugar cube floating on top. Trust us, it’s as good as you imagined it. Best to sip though!

  • Long Island Iced Tea

    Another classic, this drink may be far from Long Island, but the taste is simple and again, dangerous! Mixed with gin, tequila, light rum, vodka, triple sec, a shot of sour mix and filled with cola, it's really THAT simple...

The bartenders in Vegas are some of the most experienced in the world, so there is probably not one on this list that an experienced Sin City bartender won't be able to whip up. Go ahead, try it for yourself!

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"What a fun way to get your your girlfriends together and have fun! Not really knowing what to expect because this was supposed to be a stripper class it ended up being so much more."

Lynn D - Yelp