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Ultimate Girls Night Out Tips

Stripper 101 not only teaches you how to pole dance, lap dance & striptease but also how to have the best time of your life in Vegas! Below is a list of some of the best kept secrets in Sin City to maximize your Vegas experience! Our Girls Night Out Tips are brought to you by V Card: The Vegas Nightclub

Dress to Impress

In a city where aesthetics and appearances are everything, wearing the proper dress attire is as important to getting into a club as showing your ID. V Card is giving you VIP Access so make sure you look the part.

Simple Dress Code Rules:

Getting Your Drinks

While you're in Vegas, you will probably consume more alcohol than water and the cost to quench your thirst can quickly become expensive. Here are some tips to help you save time and money when ordering drinks:

Keep in mind that drinks typically range anywhere from $12 - $20+ depending on the drink or shot. Thanks to V Card covering your admission cost you can spend more on drinks!

Choosing a Nightclub

They say you are only as faithful as your options, and with V card you have 50 of them. So many venues so little time. How do you choose? Whether you're looking for a mega nightclub scene, an intimate lounge setting or a laid-back hangout spot, V Card has a venue for you.

Remember that V Card VIP Passes never expire so don't feel pressured to go to as many possible venues as you can in one visit. Whether you choose to visit all 50 exclusive venues in one visit or one every year for the next 50 years, it's all good because V Card has you covered.

The Hangover

The movie "The Hangover" may be the inspiration to your Vegas trip but trust us that experiencing it first-hand will be far from entertaining or hilarious. Puking, headaches, dehydration and feeling like death are the last things you want to experience on your Vegas vacation. Below are tips on how to avoid and deal with a hangover.

How to avoid a hangover:

How to deal with a hangover:

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